Live Chat is Available at Sunvalleyus!

Live Chat is Available Now In Now!

Are you fed up the sophistic steps to contact with CSR to replace a new laptop battery? Do you ever wait for an emergent answer for two or five days via emails? Have you been stand back from your high international-call fee just because of consulting common questions about items before purchasing? No more headaches! Live Chat is available now in, which is ready for you around the clock!


Where can I find the Live Chat?

When you open our website:, you must find a movable orange Live Chat Widow in right of your web page. While you’re dragging up-and-down button, it will move with you, and always highlights with “Questions? Click here to chat with us!”


How to Use it?

Move your mouse pointer to the Live Chat icon and then click one time, then a dialog box will pop up for you to send live messages in the typing area highlighted by red to our special CSRs (Customer Service Representatives). You can ask any possible problems in the course of your purchasing within our business time.


How to check the CSR status of Are you online or offline? What if you’re offline, how can I get prompt replies?

First of all, you can compare the “online status” and “offline status” icons bellow. The difference obviously lays in the color of the icon bottom: online one is still orange, while offline turns grey, check now!

What we can see other is the “online status” icon will be named by “Online- Click here to Chat”, then you can communicate with our CSRs directly by clicking it, while the other one is showing “Offline- Leave us a Note”, which you can leave massages to us.


Secondly, how to get prompt replies of my problems if you’re offline?

Because of time-lag issues, we’re offline when out of business time. If you have some questions to consult in our website, you can click the offline icon and a dialog box will also pop up for you to leave massages to our CSR, which will be sent directly to customer service emails and answered within our business time later. Trust us, your questions are never delayed more than 24 hours. The following is the pop-up dialog box you will see when you leave offline massages. Two issues are required- Your Email address and Your Questions in Message Box, feel free to type your name here or not, you’re always our dear customers. What’s more important, do not forget to submit your messages via clicking “SUBMIT” button in the Message Box.


Could you tell me, who will answer my questions and can I ask all related questions about my products here?

Yes, of course you can. All the CSRs here taking in charge of Live Chat are the same professional Customer Service Staff are familiar with and master all the necessary knowledge about your whole purchasing procedure and can provide solutions to all your possible questions related to products from start to end including how to order, understanding shipping, order statuses and shipment tracking, returning faulty products, and more. Generally speaking, they would be trained for at least two months to be qualified to take this job. Therefore, all the CSRs communicating with you are parts of our talents in Feel free to ask any possible questions at the premise of related to products, they will give you a favorable answer immediately! The below is our CSR leader- Lucy.


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Our online business time: U.S.A. (Eastern Time): 8:00 P.M - 5:00 A.M. (From Sunday Afternoon to Friday Morning) 


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