Warranty Statement for Laptop Accessories and Parts from SunvalleyUS

Warranty Statement


SunvalleyUS.com warranties all products to the terms specified on the description of each product.  SunvalleyUS offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all laptop parts and a 12-month return for exchange policy on all defective and incompatible products.

The limited warranty provided by SunvalleyUS covers normal everyday use of the product, it does not apply to:

1) defects resulting from inadequate installation
2) modifications by unauthorized third parties or the purchaser themselves
3) accidental or willful damage, including but not limited to, inadequate storage or working environment, use in conditions not prescribed for use, etc.
4) any "unusual" use that goes against common sense (using laptop by the pool, using laptop while riding bike, etc.)

By making a purchase on Sunvalleyus.com, the purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold SunvalleyUS harmless from any and all claims, damages, expenses or loss as a result misunderstanding of the warranty or origin information of any and all products listed on this website. 

SunvalleyUS is a seller of brand new products, primarily laptop accessories and computer parts, and claims no association to any specific brand of computer maker.

All product titles on Sunvalleyus.com are for identification purposes only, and are not meant to indicate product origin. Product themselves, where appropriate, are marked with a serial number sticker and product details.  This is meant for warranty information and identification purposes.  If marked by words like "for HP" or "Dell Replacement", these are meant to indicate the application potential of the products, and is not meant to indicate an endorsement by the trademark owner of any brand.


How To Contact Us about Warranty Issues

Should you have other questions or concerns about these policies, send us an email at service@sunvalleyus.com.

We have an online automated RMA form located at www.sunvalleyus.com/returns.html for the submission of any warranty claims.

Please Note: if you purchased your product from a regional re-seller, warranty service and any other product issues must be addressed by the seller you bought your product from.