Q: My HP Pavilion DV6000 laptop screen goes blank after turning on the power switch. All lights are on except the hard disk light is not flashing. Tried install the recovery DVD, DVD drive lights flashing for a few seconds but still blank screen. Recently, my friend has had nothing but problems out of her laptop. As of lately, the screen will turn black but the pc remains on. All she can do is power down and reboot. Also, it freezes when not in use for a few hours.

Why: Many reasons may lead to this happening. It's related to the laptop ram(Random Access Memory) that doesn't have the speed to back up the strength. Or hard drive could be faulty or going out and motherboard be faulty or the CPU may be full and other possibilities.

A: Simple Way - press fn and f6 keys together, remove battary etc.

Whether it's problem with your RAM or not you can follow the below steps.
1. Click Start | Control Panel | System and Maintenance | Administrative Tools | Memory Diagnostics Tool.
2. Click "Restart now and check for problems (recommended)".
3. Replace the RAM if it seems to be defective.

If it is freezing while you go to work, maybe you should consider putting it into sleep mode or hibernate while you are gone in order to keep the CPU usage down. Also, does the screen go black while it is in use or when its just idling? If it is in use, most likely it is a hardware problem. Then you can get the Notebook fixed for free. Get the Product Number of the Notebook which can be obtained from the bottom of the Notebook which is indicated by P/N. If the Product Number of your Notebook is found and if it is purchased in US, you can get it repaired for free where you need to contact HP Chat Support.

To resolve the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD with 0x0000005C) problem, try to repair corrupted system files and corrupted registry entries, remove unsupported devices or incompatible softwares. If you had recently installed a device that is no longer functioning, then remove it. Moreover, incompatibility of the DLL files installed by the software may result in BSOD with 0x0000005C problem.

Unfortunately, if the above instructions doesnot work, try to replace your HP DV6000 PC Screen. I recommend you a good place like Sunvalleyus.com