Customer Service - General Sales Policy Overview of SunvalleyUS

Sales Policy Overview


• Per product descriptions, compatibility can be reasonably assured in most cases but can never be guaranteed; a product that is incompatible with a specific hardware/software environment is not therefore inherently "defective", but we will exchange it for the suitable part for you/your computer.


• SunvalleyUS uses Paypal as its exclusive payment gateway for all payments. You can pay using your paypal account or via major credit card.


• Paypal or credit card orders that request shipment to an address other than the registered address may be declined or delayed by our payment processing system. Also note, we will never accept a personal account payment from one country and ship the order to another country. If you run a business, then please contact us about opening a wholesale account to smooth out your order process.


• If you have pre-sale questions about a laptop computer parts or accessories, please email us at with an email containing the following information; computer make and model, part number (from the manufacturers sticker).  Then we can help you select the exact replacement part you should order.


• Yes, we do have a phone number you can call to ask such questions, but it is hard for us to understand peoples "B" from "V" in many cases, and often people will say they have part T X O O F when they really have T X 0 0 F, which causes undue delay and frustration for everyone.  Especially for pre-sale inquiries, email is the best method of communication.


• Sales Tax will be charged on all orders delivered to an address in California (CA).