Do you have the experience that laptop keyboard keys are coming out or not working? I recently just got my dell Inspiron 1545 last year and the keyboard suddenly stopped working after it got to the login screen.
As far as keyboard not working problem, there are two cases. when a specific key is not working, turn off the computer and use a can of compressed air to clean around the problem key and then retest the keyboard. If it's the whole keyboard non working, here is an answer to try: shut down the notebook;remove the battery for a couple of seconds and replace it. It works for me well. The keyboard locks up on mine when I turn the notebook on while in tablet mode. The cover is closed with the screen facing out. Concerning on the software, what can you do about it? Sometimes some software has replaced the default USB keyboard driver, or there are something with your windows usb device driver. In this case, try to delete all your "usb keyboard" from Device Manager (win+r, devmgmt.msc), and then plugin the keyboard in another usb hub, let devmgmt.msc scan for new installation. If it still does not work, you may need to repair your windows system files with a windows installation CD choose to repair install.
If anyone have the similar problem that keyboard keys came out or fell off, how to get it back on? If you have the key cap and key retainer, you just need to assemble them back. Carefully remove the cap and put the key cap on the retainer and snap the cap back in place. On the other hand, you will purchase a single key for your lost key or retainer. Then put the new key back in place as the former way. After fingering out the preceding steps and the laptop keyboard still does not work or neither work correctly, try to contact Dell Technical Support or replace a new keyboard. Many laptop keyboard, when they get old, are experiencing the kind of problems mentioned. What you can do is buy the new keyboard and replace it with the existing one.