It's possible that you need a new power cord if your printer does not have power, but the problem could also result from a variety of other issues. Possible problems include:

    * Surge protector turned off
    * Lack of power to the wall socket
    * Lack of power to the room
    * Damaged surge protector
    * Damaged power cord
    * Broken printer

Some surge protectors have switches that can be accidentally turned off if a pet steps on it or a large plug overlaps with it. If your surge protector has a switch, toggle it to the opposite setting and see if the printer will turn on, then toggle it back to the first setting and test it again. Your protector may also have a ""reset"" button that could restore the power.

In some homes, the power to a socket can be turned off at a wall switch. Confirm that your socket is turned on. If the room has no power, first turn off all electronics in the room, including the surge protector. Next check the circuit breaker panel to see if any circuits have been tripped.

If you have power coming into the room and wall socket, plug the printer directly into the wall. If it turns on, then you need a new surge protector. If it doesn't turn on, then the problem may be the printer or the power cord.

You can also try plugging the cord into another printer or other device with a compatible plug. If it will turn on, then the problem is the printer. If you don't have a way to check the cord on another device, contact the printer manufacturer to determine if the problem is the cord or the printer.

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