The right to privacy is one of your most important rights. We understand that purchasing online is an indication of your trust in Sunvalley Tech Co,Ltd. We are very serious about protecting your personal information, which will only be used to provide you better services. As a sunvalley member, you are protected by the following Privacy Policy:

What kinds of personal information will be collected?
The majority of functions on our website can be conducted completely anonymously. However, your personal information will be requested during the membership application process and the usage of that information will be clearly explained. When you apply for an sunvalley membership, you will be asked to provide your full name, address, telephone number, email and so on. We gather this information to better serve you.

How will your personal information be protected?
We will take appropriate measures to protect your privacy as well as your personal information. Unless obliged for legal reasons, we will not share your personal information with any third party (organizations or individuals) without your permission. However, if required for customer service or product delivery purposes, your name and address will be shared with a third party.

Privacy Policy Statement
When your membership application is accepted, a password for your account will be sent to you. You will take full responsibility for keeping your account and password information safe. Moreover, each sunvalley member will take full responsibility for all activities occurring within his/her own account. The password and personal information can be modified at any time on the site.
Because your privacy rights are extremely important to us, Sunvalley Tech Co, Ltd has prepared this Privacy Policy Statement regarding your personal information based on the following principles:
Principle 1
When sunvalley needs to identify or contact you, personal information will be clearly requested. Generally speaking, personal information will be requested only when you apply for membership, ask for specific customer services or take part in our Swap Immediate Program. If possible, sunvalley would like to make sure that this information is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.
Principle 2
We may recommend new services to our members if we believe that the services will be beneficial. You have to right to reject the services we recommend, and we will explain to you clearly how to reject these services.
Principle 3
Under some extreme cases, sunvalley might be obliged to publicize personal information as the result of a legal request. Sunvalley will only do this when it is proven to be necessary for the purposes of:
1) Obeying Laws or legal procedures applicable to sunvalley;
2) Protecting the rights or properties of sunvalley members;
3) Protecting the safety of sunvalley members or the public due to an emergency.
Principle 4
If you think that sunvalley has violated the principles described above, please contact us at We will give you a satisfactory answer and improve our Privacy Policy in a reasonable and appropriate manner.

How can you update your personal information?
If you need to change your address, telephone number or email, you can contact us by the methods listed on our Web site. You can also connect to to modify your personal information. Sunvalley welcomes any comment or criticism on our Privacy Policy. We commit ourselves to protecting your personal information, and will update our Privacy Policy according to the development of Internet technologies.