If your computer runs normally on the AC adapter, but the battery won't charge, please try the following troubleshooting steps:
1. Check the Battery and Connections:
     A. Remove the battery from the system.
     B. Look at the connectors in the bay and on the battery for signs of physical damage.
     C. Check the battery charge by pressing the status button or image on the battery near the LED's. 
  Note:  The lights indicate the current amount of charge on the battery. If all the LED's come on when you press the button, the battery is fully charged. If fewer lights are lit, then the battery is partially charged. If any lights flash, or blink, there could be a problem with the battery.
    D. Consult the Tell Me How guide for more information on battery LED's:
    E. Reinsert the battery; push until it locks into place and the latch snaps back to the locked position.
2. Swap Bays or Try A Second Computer:
    o Some systems can run with the battery in either bay. Try swapping bays if you have one of these systems.
    o If you have access to a second computer like your own, try to charge your battery in that system.
3. Flash the BIOS:
Flashing the BIOS can correct many hardware issues.
4. Run the Recalibration Utility if Your System has One:
This utility runs the battery all the way down and then recharges it completely. The process takes several hours so it is best to run it overnight. Use only the recalibration program specified for your system. Using any other program could void your warranty!
    o Latitude LM, Inspiron 3000 and Inspiron 3200 systems use this recalibration program:
    o Inspiron 5000, Inspiron 7000, and Inspiron 7500 systems use this program:
    o Latitude LS, Latitude L400, Latitude X200, and Inspiron 2100 enable a recalibration option on the Power page of the BIOS Setup Program:
5. Try to charge a second battery like your own if possible.
    o If the second battery won't charge, the problem may be caused by the charging system in your computer.

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