Lots of things can fog up your laptop screen (like dirt, dust, fingerprints, etc.) and it's such a good idea to clean all of that off so your screen doesn't look like it just went through a whirlwind of yuckiness! An LCD screen is not like a regular desktop monitor, so it requires some special cleaning.
First of all, do not spray any liquids directly onto the screen. Doing this may cause some distortions on your screen. Also, do not use a paper towel to clean off the screen, because that could cause some scratching. Instead, use a soft cotton cloth. Try using a dry one at first and if that doesn't get everything off, you can put a little rubbing alcohol on the cloth and remove any other smudges that remain. Rubbing alcohol is used to clean the LCD screens before they leave the factory and shipped out, so it is safe to use.

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