I have a Compaq Presario notebook laptop, and I spilled a glass of water on the keyboard. So I really want to how to dry it out? Or you're tempted to down a soda, water, glass of wine, coffee, or other liquid while typing away at your keyboard, you may end up paying the ultimate price—liquid spilled into your computer from an accidental knock, a few drips or a dropped cup. If this happens, don't panic. Instead, Calm Down and unplug the computer from its power source as quickly as you can to try to save your computer. Then, turn the laptop upside down immediately to stop the liquid from sinking deeper into the machine. Next, wipe up anything sticky, including the screen, the keys on the keyboard, and any buttons.
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If your laptop keyboard is still under warranty, send it back into the manufacturer for them to look at it. If not, you can repair it for yourself following below instructions.

After that, use a clean, slightly dampened, lint-free cloth. Please disconnect and remove any and all external devices. There is probably some moisture somewhere inside that is causing a short. If you keep trying to turn it on, it could cause permanent damage.

Let Compaq Presario laptop dry out. There are various methods on drying according to your preference. The best way to remove all residual moisture is to patiently draw it away with a vacuum cleaner held over the affected areas for up to 20 minutes in each accessible area, having already removed the majority of liquids and moisture manually and dried all visible moisture by hand, so that none enters the vacuum cleaner. This method is preferable to leaving it to dry naturally as it halts any oxidation from occurring deep inside small surface mount components and connections, such as can result in issues later on.

Dry naturally. Prop the machine up, away from surfaces, so that air can circulate in and around the entire unit. Leave the machine to dry for 24 to 48 hours. Dry with light heat. Place your deck on a warm radiator or on top of a warm sill or shelf - out of direct sunlight - or near other source of warmth. Do not use high levels of heat, just moderately warm sources of heat. Let it dry for 12 hours, or so. A nearby dehumidifier may improve drying time. High heat will drive moisture and humidity further into the device and will ensure ongoing problems as that moisture causes oxidation and corrosion.
Note: Never use a hair dryer, as this will cause static problems and fill your machine with more contaminants and dust. A hair dryer at a high setting could also melt some of the plastic components. In extreme cases the hair dryer will drive moisture deeper into the circuits and components and that moisture will oxidize and create capacitive load connections under and inside of integrated circuits and connectors, eventually causing failure of the device.

In addition, there are a few tips to prevent your laptop keyboard from spilling. Firstly, keep your computer away from food and liquids. Secondly, set the Power Options of your laptop to Do nothing when you close the lid. While the coffee gets served, you can close the lid to guard against damaging spills. This way, when you re-open, you don’t have to re-enter a password. Also, while you are downloading you might want to close the lid without the system shutting down. Closing the lid will always turn off the screen, independent from software settings, to avoid overheating and to save energy.