A broken LCD panel is a common problem for laptop computers. A new LCD panel can be purchased online for, as of 2009, around $100 US. Do not buy a used one. The savings are not worth the headaches that can come with purchasing used hardware.

Step 1

Open your Notebook PC and locate the rubber bumpers surrounding the LCD panel.

Step 2

Using your nails, remove the rubber bumpers from the front bezel. Place them in the cup or dish.

Step 3

Use your precision Phillips screwadriver to remove the four to six screws uncovered by the bumpers. Place them in the cup or dish.

Step 4

Gently separate the bezel from the rear display panel, using the guitar pick. Start in the bottom righthand corner and work counterclockwise. Be careful: The bezel is very delicate and will break easily.

Step 5

Unplug the ribbon cable from the rear of the LCD panel by pressing the release clips on each side of the cable's end.

Step 6

Remove the LCD's back-light pigtail from the inverter. The wires are typically colored pink and white.

Step 7

Remove the screws from the left and right sides of the LCD panel. Hold onto the LCD panel, as these are the last screws holding it in place.

Step 8

Follow the steps above in reverse order to install the new LCD panel.