Step 1

Adjust your chair so that you are on eye level with the monitor. If you are sitting too high or too low, the screen will not be clear.

Step 2

Adjust the angle of the the laptop monitor according to the height of your chair and desk. Adjust the monitor so that it is greater than 90 degrees if your eyes sit higher than the top of the screen. Set the screen to 90 degrees or lower if your eyes sit at the center of the screen.

Step 3

Go to the power plug icon on the bottom of the screen found on the ""Start"" menu. Right-click it and select ""Power Options."" Choose ""High Performance"" or the highest possible power setting. This will take more power when the power adapter is not plugged in, but the screen will be brighter.

Step 4

Go to the ""Power Options"" center and on the bottom of the screen click ""Personalization."" Proceed to click ""Display Settings."" Set the screen resolution so that it is at its highest.