The power jack used by Dell on all laptops is three proprietary jacks which are manufactured by Foxconn. To repair the Dell AC Adapter jack on a laptop, you have to be knowledgeable of all aspects of the assembly of the computer. The most common source of problems with laptop ac adapter is that the wire to the connector jack is often ripped out of place. To fix this, you only need to know how to fix an alternating current (AC) wire, which is quite simple to accomplish with only minimal tools. If you are experienced enough to do such repairs, following the suggestions below will assist you in repairing the power jack on a Dell laptop.
1. Remove the wire from both the laptop and the outlet.
2. Cut the wire at any point beyond the damaged area so that you can make a clean cut. It is best to leave at least a few millimeters between the damaged area and the cut to ensure that there is no damage to the wires you are going to reconnect.
3. Desolder the power jack from your motherboard that you have already taken out from the laptop. Both the motherboard and the Dell AC Adapter jack have to be cleaned properly and then soldered again.
4. Carefully start to cut the outer plastic of both ends of the cut wire about a centimeter from the end. Do this gently as you do not want to cut the wires wrapped around the inner insulation. Remove the excess plastic.
5. Move the wrapped wires out of the way, and gently cut the inner insulating plastic only a few millimeters from the end. You will only need a tiny bit of exposed cord for this inner wire.
6. Hold the laptop ac adapter power jack and carefully remove from the motherboard. When the power jack is successfully removed, clean the oxidized contacts with a sharp metal object. Apply a coat of solder to the contacts. Clean the Dell AC Adapter jack, and place the solders to all sides of the motherboard.
7. Secure the entire connection with a complete wrap of electrical tape, and test your connection.
Warning:  Since Dell AC Adapter power sources are often damaged by being accidentally yanked out of the laptop, you can use a device like the JerkStopper to prevent such accidents.If the wire grows warm around the connection, either redo the entire process or consider replacing your Dell AC Adapter power source. Excess heat is an indication that there is something wrong other than the laptop ac adapter power source itself.