The HP Pavilion is a good laptop for the most part, but its weakest component is the place where the HP Pavilion AC Adapter plugs into the back of the unit. The connection often comes loose and at times can melt the power cord. Before repairing the unit, it is a good idea to make sure the power cord you have for the unit is a 90-watt adapter, because the problems will continue if a lower wattage HP Pavilion AC Adapter is used.
Here are some steps for how to deal with this problem
Remove the case from the laptop. There are a number of small screws that must be removed before the case can be opened. Clear enough space around the Replace a HP Pavilion AC Adapter area to give yourself room to work. Run a voltmeter over the wires of the circuit board near the connector to determine if there is an electrical short.
Use the soldering wire to repair any electrical shorts. Usually, it is a connection to the HP Pavilion AC Adapter connector that is damaged on the HP Pavilion motherboards, not the connector itself.
Use the needle-nose pliers to ply the connector off the motherboard carefully. Do this step only if the power connector itself needs to be replaced. Gently place the new connector back onto the slot where the old one stood, and use the soldering iron to complete the electrical connections. Solder the new HP Pavilion AC Adapter power connector onto the motherboard.
If everything is working, place the laptop casing back on and computer away. If the unit still does not come on, take the case back off and use the voltmeter to test for loose connections.
Notice: HP Pavilion laptops use 90 W power cords. Make sure the power cord you are using is the right wattage, if you do not have the original HP Pavilion AC Adapter provided by HP. If you want to buy other laptop accessories, laptop ac adapter, you can visit sunvalleyus .