How many office hours do you have everyday? Eight hours? Are you still as creative as you were at the beginning? Like Peter Gibbons in Office Space, many people feel boring and drag themselves before going to work. Peter Gibbons decides not to go to work because of hypnotic suggestion. However, we are not allowed to make this kind of decision since we have the clear awareness that we need to make a living. Whereas we must be stuck with the job, some changes should be made in your office for comforting, inspiring and motivating.


So it is time to create your own office space. Here is the question: How? Firstly you should keep in mind that your desk must be a neat and comfortable spot reflecting both personality and professionalism. Before you get some decorative items, observe your colleagues’ desks to see which ones are common and appropriate in the office. Then you can make a list of items which can inspire or motivate you at work. Try to imagine: you are busy with e-mails, messages, calls and files for several hours continuously, then you raise your head and would like to see certain items that will give you a refreshing break. What are these “certain items”? Experts suggest a calendar of your favorite TV show or pictures of you and friends or family on vacation. Next step is to organize your important files, such as catalogues, printer paper, extra filing folders, and paperwork, and categorize them in a magazine holder. Another point you should remember is that the frequently used office supplies should be kept in a container on top of the desk for easy access.


Then you should avoid the items featuring distractions. Magazines, newspapers, and food all fall into this category. Do not open too many browser windows and watch the entertainment pages while cheating yourself that you are just taking a short break.


Last but not the least, tidy and orderly office helps a lot to improve your creativity and productivity. Do not clutter your items. We have to admit that the tangled wires have negative effect on neat and tidy office environment. You can upgrade your PC through the applicability of Wi-Fi. PCI Wireless LAN card is a good choice. It packs both affordability and performance. The PCI adapter allows you to add high-speed wireless data transmission to your PC. Compliant with IEEE 802.11g or IEEE 802.11n, the wireless LAN card can handle heavy data payloads. Meanwhile, you can enjoy multi security protection for all your communication and information, thanks to its support for 64/128-bit WEP, TKIP, and WPA. Furthermore, the detachable antenna assures its applicability for various operational environments. Among various options for you, one of our PCI wireless cards even ships with two detachable antennas for the optimum signal strength.